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Baard, Frances

Mandela Come Out!

Babcock, Barbara

Women and the Law

Bachelet, Michelle

Make Equality a Reality
To the Argentine Congress

Bacon, Josephine Dodge Daskam

Girls of the Future

Baez, Joan

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

Bagley, Sarah

Female Labor Reform Association

Bair, Sheila

A Lost Savings Culture

Baird, Jessie Little Doe

Wôpanãak Reclamation

Baker, Ella

Making the Struggle Every Day
Hattiesburg Freedom Day

Baker, Harriet A.

Behold the Man

Baker, Josephine

Homecoming Day
March on Washington

Bakewell, Joan

Jane Eyre the Subersive

Balch, Emily Greene

Time To Make Peace
Toward Human Unity

Baldwin, Marie Bottineau

Home-making and Indian Woman

Baldwin, Tammy

On Stonewall

Ball, Lucille

I’m Not Going to Forget

Banda, Joyce

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Bandler, Faith

Faith Hope and Reconciliation

Bangura, Zainab

Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones

Barré-Sinoussi, Françoise

HIV: A Discovery

Barrett, Mary

Obliged to Get a Living

Barry, Leonora

The Knights of Labor

Barton, Clara

Civil War Prison Conditions
The Red Cross
It Is Over
War Lecture
Three Cheers for Susan Anthony
On Woman’s Suffrage

Bashir, Maria

Women in Afghanistan

Bass, Charlotta

Acceptance Speech VP Candidate

Bastianich, Lydia

Cardinal’s Christmas Lunch

Bates, Daisy

School Segregation
What Price is Freedom?
March on Washington  3:27

Bateson, Mary Catherine

Living With Cybernetics

Bath, Patricia

Trailblazers and Lost Einsteins

Batten, Jean

1936 Solo Flight

Bayard, Mary Temple

Woman in Journalism

Beale, Dorothea

Cheltenham Ladies College

Bear, Tillie Black

Tribal Domestic Violence

Beard, Mary

The Public Voice of Women
Women in Power

Beard, Mary Ritter

The State Rights Shibboleth
     Congressional Transcript

Beattie, Mollie

The Refuge System

Beatrix, Queen


Becker, Lydia

Motion For Woman’s Suffrage

Beckett, Margaret

Syrian Airstrikes

Beecher, Catharine

Evils Suffered
To Protestant Clergy
Opposition to Women’s Suffrage

Beinecke, Frances


Berry, Mary

NTA Award

Berry, Mary Frances

History Teaches Us to Resist

Besant, Annie

Political Status of Women
Introduction to Yoga
Crowned With Honor
Australian Lectures
Why Home Rule
On Theosophy 

Bethune, Louise Blanchard

Women and Architecture

Bethune, Mary McLeod

Centuries of Progress
Housing Policy
American Democracy
Education for Negro Girls
Spirit of Brotherhood

Bhutto, Benazir

To Women Parliamentarians
Assassination Attempt

Bigombe, Betty Oyella

Governance, Rule of Law, Security

Billinghurst, Rosa May

Suffragette’s Creed
     The Suffragette

Black, Mhairi

Pensions Are a Right
On Who Is the Sun Shining?

Black, Shirley Temple 

Runs for Congress

Blackburn, Elizabeth H. 

The Science of Cells

Blackwell, Alice Stone

House Judiciary Committee

Blackwell, Antoinette Brown

Woman and the Pulpit
On Marriage and Work
Woman’s Work
Human Rights Question

Blackwell, Elizabeth

The Laws of Life

Blackwell, Unita 

In the State of Mississippi

Blake, Lillie Devereux

A Crime to Be a Woman?
A Divided Republic
Civil and Political Status
The Emancipated Woman
Woman in Paganism
Causes of Divorce
Woman’s True Mission
Forgotten Foremothers

Blanchett, Cate

Blue Jasmine

Blatch, Harriot Stanton

Woman as Economic Factor
Voluntary Motherhood

Bliss, Panti

It Feels Oppressive

Bloomer, Amelia Jenks

Most Terribly Bereft
Mothers of the Revolution
Against the Great Destroyer

Blume, Judy

Dear Judy


To Her Warriors

Bodichon, Barbara

Reasons for Enfranchisement

Bodley, Rachel

By Women for Women!

Boggs, Grace Lee

Reimagine Everything

Boggs, Lindy

Ambassador to Vatican
JFK Assassination

Bonds, Julia “Judy”

Appalachian Voices

Bojsen-Møller, Jutta

Victory For Votes

Bolton, Roxcy

Testimony on ERA

Bonino, Emma

How Many Women?

Boole, Ella A.

National Prohibition Act

Booth, Maud Ballington

The “Given-Up Man
Prison Reform
Within the Prison Walls

Borg, Anita

Technology Changing the World
Where We Are Going

Bottoms, Keisha Lance

Go Home!

Bowman, Thea

To US Catholic Bishops

Boylan, Jennifer Finney

Life in Two Genders

Brady, Sarah

Handgun Control

Branch, Julia

Free Love

Bré, Ruth

Protect Mothers!

Breckinridge, Madeline

Old Injustice to Women

Breckinridge, Sophonisba

Municipal Housekeeping

Brent, Margaret

Voyce in Howse

Breshkovsky, Catherine

Progressive Movement in Russia

Bridges, Ruby

One Child

Brion, Hélène

1918 Trial

Bristol, Augusta Cooper

Woman, the New Factor

Brittain, Vera

Equal Rights for Women

Britten, Emma Hardinge

Rev. Thomas Starr King
For Abraham Lincoln
Chinese Labor Question
Psychology; Or, The Science of Soul 1
Psychology; Or, The Science of Soul 2
Discerning of Spirits
What is Spiritualism?
On Theology and Nature
Creed of the Spirits
Place and Mission of Women
America and Her Destiny

Britton, Mary E. 

History and Science of Teaching
Woman’s Suffrage is a Potent Agency

Bro, Susan

Eulogy for Heather Heyer

Bronson, Ruth Muskrat

To President Calvin Coolidge

Brown, Brené 

Power of Vulnerability

Brown, Charlotte Hawkins

Thank God You are Waking Up
The Negro and the Social Graces

Brown, Elaine

On Feminism

Brown, Hallie Quinn

Colored Women of the South
Eulogy for Susan McKinney Steward

Brown, Olympia

Crime, Intemperance
Christian Charity
Ordination of Phebe Hanaford
The Opening Doors
Crime and Its Remedy
Foreign Rule

Browne, Stella

Sexual Variability
The Right to Abortion
Feminine Aspect of Birth Control

Brownlee, Kate Sherwood

Piracy of Brains

Brownmiller, Susan

On Prostitution

Brundtland, Gro Harlem

Sustainable Development

Bryant, Louise

Overman Committee

Buck, Linda B.

The Logic of Smell

Buck, Pearl S. 

China, My Foster Home
Equality for All
Colored People are Waiting

Bulwer-Lytton, Constance

The Hunger Strike

Bundles, A’Lelia

A’Lelia Walker & Madam CJ Walker

Burden, Amanda

Public Spaces

Burdett-Coutts, Angela

Teacher Training for Women

Burnell, Jocelyn Bell

Discovery of Pulsars

Burney, Linda

Maiden Speech

Burroughs, Nannie Helen

Negro Woman and Suffrage
How the Sisters are Hindered
Black Women and Reform

Bush, Barbara

The Controversy Ends Here

Butler, Josephine

At Exeter Hall
A Woman’s Honor
Meeting of Ladies
To Working Men
Slavery of Women
The Contagious Disease Acts
Regulation of Vice
The Right of Every Woman
Immoral and Unjust Legislation
Sursum Corda
The Duty of Women
Social Purity

Butler, Selena Sloan

Need of Day Nurseries
The Chain-Gang System

Byanyima, Winnie

Feminist Human Economy

Cabot, Susan Copley

What Have We to Do?

Cáceres, Berta

Wake Up Humanity!

Caldicott, Helen

Moral Implications of Nuclear War

Callwood, June

Lifetime Achievement Award

Cama, Bhikaiji

Hindustani Independence

Cameron, Julia

Creativity and Spirtuality

Campbell, Simone

Nuns on the Bus!

Campoamor, Clara


Cannady, Beatrice Morrow

Speech to NAACP

Cannon, Martha Hughes 

Woman Suffrage in Utah

Cappello, Nancy M. 

Breast Density

Capriati, Jennifer 

Dreams Do Come True

Čaputová, Zuzana 

Inauguration Speech

Caraway, Hattie 

Against Anti-Lynching Bill

Carpenter, Mary

Ragged Schools
Neglected & Destitute Children

Education of Neglected Children
Reformatory & Industrial Schools

Carroll, Diahann

The Crusade Against Cancer!

Carson, Rachel 

A New Chapter in Silent Spring
Pesticides and Chemicals

Carter, Majora 

Greening the Ghetto

Carter, Rosalynn 

Mental Illness

Cary, Alice 

What Do Women Want of a Club?

Cary, Mary Ann Shadd 

To the Judiciary Committee
Break Every Yoke

Casgrain, Thérèse  

Women’s Suffrage
Women’s Vote in Quebec

Castle, Barbara 

EEC Membership

Catt, Carrie Chapman 

The Time is Now
Danger To Our Government
Political Parties & Women Voters
Be Joyful Today 
     The Woman Citizen
The Traffic in Women
Commencement at Iowa State
Why We Ask
League of Women Voters
The Crisis
League of Women Voters Munitions
President’s Address
Open Address to Congress
What Have Women Done?
The American Sovereign
Cry Out the Warning
Hard Work and Headache
Eulogy for Helen Hamilton Gardener
Eulogy for Susan B. Anthony

Ceesay, Isatou

Recycling Plastic Waste

Celmins, Vija 

Double Reality

Cenzig, Hatice 

Remembering Jamal Khashoggi

Chace, Elizabeth Buffum 

Rhode Island Suffrage

Chamorro, Violeta 

Acceptance Speech

Chaney, Fannie Lee 

Meridien Awakened
In Memory of Her Son

Chao, Elaine 

Lockerbie Bombing Tribute
Diversity in America

Charpentier, Emmanuelle


Chase, Leah 

Acceptance Speech

Chawla, Kalpana 

Last Talk From Space

Cheever, Susan 

Drinking in America

Cheney, Ednah Dow 

Municipal Suffrage
Gleanings in the Field of Art

Cheney, Liz 

CPAC 2010

Cheney, Lynne 

Academic Freedom
Telling the Truth

Chenoweth, Helen

The Environment and Liberty


Eulogy for Sonny Bono

Chesler, Phyllis

Death of Feminism

Chicago, Judy 


Child, Julia 

A Peep of the Chickens
On Presenting an Award

Chinchilla, Laura

A High-Tech Costa Rica


On the Meeker Massacre

Chisholm, Shirley 

Families Left Behind
Campaign Announcement
Get Used to Black Power
Women and Blacks
Introducing the ERA
Black Woman in Contemporary America
Discrimination Against Women
For the ERA
Our Priorities

Chong, Denise 

Egg on Mayo

Citron, Danielle Keats

Hate Crimes in Cyberspace

Claflin, Tennessee 

Revising Morals & Laws

Clark, Helen 

Valedictory Parliament Speech

Clark, Martha Strickland 

Women in Civil Law

Clark, Michele 

Coptic Women in Egypt

Clarke, Edith

Steady-State Transmission

Clarke, Emily

Her Proper Sphere

Clarkson, Adrienne 

Have We No Pity?

Clay, Laura

Fitness of Women to Be Citizens
On Partial Suffrage

Cleaver, Kathleen 

Turn it Upside Down

Clements, Dawn 

Figures, Objects and Text

Clendinnen, Inga 

Impossibility of Biography

Clinton, Hillary

Wellesley 1969
Women’s Rights
On Benghazi
Memorial to Bella Abzug
Wellesley College 
Presidential Nomination 2016
Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy
Concession 2016

Clooney, Amal 

Yazidis at the UN

Coates, Anne V.  

On Getting a Raise

Cobbe, Frances Power 

Friendless Girls
Duties of Women
Sick in Workhouses
Female Education 

Cochrane, Jackie 

A Thousand Women

Coffin, Rhoda

Inmates of a Female Prison
Indian Missionary Work
Women’s Reformatories

Coggeshall, Mary Jane 

Thousands of Oncoming Women
Let Us Stand Together
Social Purity

Cohen, Hannah Mildred

Saving Jewish Literature

Colby, Clara Bewick 

Testimony to Congress

Cole, Johnetta 

Doing for Others

Collett, Camilla 

What Does it Matter?

Collins, Eileen 

Mission Commander

Collins, Susan 

Vote for Judge Kavanaugh

Colvin, Marie 

Eulogy for Fallen War Correspondents
Truth at All Costs

Comfort, Anna Manning 

When I Studied Medicine

Conde Abellán, Carmen  

Poesia ante el Tiempo

Cook, Mary Virginia 

Woman’s Place

Cooney, Kara 


Cooper, Anna Julia 

Woman’s Cause is One and Universal
Ethics of the Negro Question
Higher Education of Women
Womanhood: A Vital Element

Cooper, Sarah Brown

Kindergarten as Character Builder

Cooper-Dyke, Cynthia 

Hall of Fame

Coppin, Fanny Jackson 

The Desire to Know
A Plea for Industrial Opportunity

Cori, Gerty 

Art and Science

Counts-Scoggins, Dorothy

A Segregated Society

Couzins, Phoebe 

Testimony at Hearing
Lady Bachelor at Law

Cowan, Edith Dircksey 

Inaugural Speech

Cox, Jo 

I Was Made In Yorkshire

Craft, Juanita 

Right to an Education
Negro Church and Negro Minister

Crane, Caroline Bartlett 

Co-operation with Boards
The Church and Poverty
Is God Responsible?

Crannell, Elizabeth

Against the Vote for Women
Rights and Interests of Women

Crenshaw, Kimberlé 


Creus, Teresa Claramunt 

Mother’s Protest

Criado-Perez, Caroline 

Cyber Harassment

Crowe, Frances 

What MLK Would Do

Cruz, Carmen Yulín 

Puerto Rico After Maria

Cullis-Suzuki, Severn 

Fighting for My Future

Cullors, Patrisse 

Black Heroes Week

Curie, Marie 

Discovery of Radium
Accepts Award 1931
1911 Nobel Prize

Cushier, Elizabeth 

For Mary Putnam Jacobi

Cushman, Charlotte 

Farewell Speech


Giffords, Gabrielle

Sacrifice For What is Right

Gilbreth, Lillian Moller

Human Side of Automation
Widening Horizons

Gillard, Julia

Misogyny Speech
A True Friend Down Under

Gillibrand, Kirsten

Victory Speech

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

The Women Question
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Female is Human Plus
Poverty and Woman
Humanness of Women
Duties to Humanity

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

Of Many, One
Speaking in a Judicial Voice
Belva Lockwood
Muller v. Oregon
Eulogy for Antonin Scalia
Confirmation Hearing
Brave Women in Law

Giovanni, Nikki

We are Virginia Tech

Girma, Haben

Disability and Innovation

Glaser, Elizabeth

1992 DNC 

Glaser, Vera

Opportunity to Climb

Goan, Annabel Adams

Eulogy for Charles Lewis Tiffany

Goegg-Pouchoulin, Marie

Complete Equality for Women

Goessman, Helena T. 

Part of the Working World

Goldman, Emma

What is Patriotism?
We Don’t Believe in Conscription 
Meeting of Non-Conscription League
Against Conscription and War
A Free Motherhood
Social Aspects of Birth Control
Victims of Morality
Failure of Christianity
Address to the Jury
To Spanish Comrades
Road to Universal Slaughter
An Anarchist Looks at Life

Goldmark, Josephine

Standard Working Hours
Women Replacing Men

Goldmark, Pauline

Working Papers
     Senate Transcript

Goldstein, Vida

Against War

Gonne, Maud

Visit of King Edward VII

González, Emma

We Call BS

Goodall, Jane

Sowing Seeds of Hope

Goodwin, Doris Kearns

Remembering LBJ

Gordimer, Nadine

Nobel Prize for Literature

Gordon, Eleanor Elizabeth

The Worth of Sympathy

Gordon, Laura de Force

Woman’s Sphere

Haaland, Deb

Who Speaks For You?

Hadid, Zaha

Pritzger Prize
AUB Honorary Award

Hagen, Uta

Ideals Don’t Blend

Hainisch, Marianne

A Mother’s Word

Hale, Brenda

100 Years of Women in Law

Haley, Margaret

Why Teachers Should Organize

Haley, Nikki 

Chemical Attacks in Syria

Hall, Prathia

Nightmare in Broad Daylight

Halonen, Tarja

A Sustainable Baltic

Hamada, Nour

Movement of Eastern Women

Hamer, Fannie Lou

I Question America
Mass Meeting
We’re On Our Way
Special Plight of Black Woman

Hamilton, Alice

Some Inorganic Poisons

Hamilton, Bethany

On Passions

Hamilton, Gabrielle

Ten Past the Hour

Hamilton-Gordon, Ishbel

Encouragement of Home Industries
A Golden Link

Hamlin, Catherine

Without Fistulas

Hamm, Mia

Soccer Hall of Fame

Hanaford, Phebe

For Jane Cunningham Croly

Handy, Mary Frisby

In the Master’s Vineyard

Hanks, Nancy

The Student I Expelled 

Hannah-Jones, Nikole

Stories We Needed to Tell

Hansberry, Lorraine

The Nation Needs Your Gifts
Black Revolution and White Backlash
A Challenge to Artists

Hansteen, Aasta

Image of God
Henrik Ibsen: Thanks & Honor
Against the Tide
Women’s Cause

Haraway, Donna

Anthropocene Capitolcene

Harjo, Suzan Shown

Cultural Loss and Reclamation
History of Treaties

Harker, Ann

Salutory Oration

Harper, Frances E. W.

The Great Problem To Be Solved
We Are All Bound Up Together
A Mighty Advancement
Liberty For Slaves
Woman’s Political Future
Enlightened Motherhood 
National Salvation
The Afro-American Mother
Duty to Dependent Races
The Coloured Women of America
The Neglected Rich

Harper, Ida Husted

Women in Municipal Govt

Maathai, Wangari

Hummingbird Fable
Greenbelt Movement
Rise Up and Walk!
Thin Silver Lining

McAleese, Mary

Time is Now For Change

McAlisky Bernadette Devlin

No Understanding of My People

McAuliffe, Christa

Teacher in Space 

McBride, Marion A.

Women in Journalism

McCain, Meghan

Eulogy for John McCain 

McCaskill, Claire

Diet Scams

McClaghlin, Beverley

Women in the Legal Profession

McClintock, Barbara

Responses of the Genome
Genome Under Threat

McClung, Nellie

Should Men Vote?
Manhood Suffrage

McCombs, Elizabeth

Woman’s Way

McCormick, Ruth Hanna

1928 Campaign

McDaniel, Hattie

1939 Oscar

MacDonald, Margot

Assisted Suicide

McDormand, Frances

Inclusion Rider

McDougall, Gay

You Can Fix It

McKee, Ann

Traumatic Brain Injuries

McMillan, Elsie

Manhattan Project

McPherson, Aimee Semple

Plain Talk to Seekers
Lost and Restored
On Prohibition
Opening of Angelus Temple
Power of Faith

McRae, Emma Montgomery

Congressional Testimony

MacSwiney, Mary

Dáil Treaty Debates

McWilliams, Monica

Good Friday Agreement

Machel, Graça

To Be African

Máchová, Karla

The Bohemian Women

Macphail, Agnes

Angels of the Home
Enslavement of Women
This is Our Chance

Madar, Olga

Inauguration of James Brickley

Mahfouz, Asmaa

Vlog That Sparked a Revolution

Maguire, Mairead

Free From Nuclear Weapons

Mahlangu, Esther

Market Theatre Foundation

Malkiel, Theresa

My Sisters in Toil

Mallory, Tamika

Fight Back! 

Maloney, Carolyn

Bella Abzug: An Inspiration

Mandel, Ruth B.

Days of Remembrance

Mandela, Winnie

Children’s Revolt in Soweto

Mandela-Dlamini, Zenani

Eulogy For Winnie Mandela

Mandela, Winnie

After Soweto Riots

Mangakāhia, Meri Te Tai

Speech to Kotahitanga

Mankiller, Wilma

Native American Issues
Challenges of Indigenous People
Oklahoma Tribal Concerns
Tribal Sovereignty

Miller, Chanel

Stanford Rape Statement

Miller, Cheryl

A Seed of Greatness

Miller, Portia Simpson

Emancipate Ourselves

Mann, Marty

Alcoholics Anonymous

Mantel, Hillary

I Met a Man Who Wasn’t There

Margrethe II, Queen

Toast at Her Son’s Wedding

Margulies, Julianna

Work Like Hell

Margulis, Lynn

Big Trouble in Biology

Marker, Laurie

A Future For Cheetahs

Markham, Violet

Anti Suffrage Speech

Markievicz, Constance

Debate in the Dáil
Women Ideals & the Nation
Cole and Colley

Markle, Meghan

Girls With Dreams
On Women’s Education

Marmon, Leslie Silko

Power of the Earth

Marsden, Kate

The Leper

Martin, Agnes

The Perfection Underling Life

Martínez, Nela

       Ecuadorian Parliament

Martirosyan, Lilit

People Like Me

Mary I, Queen

Against Wyatt’s Rebellion

Marx, Eleanor

The Cause of Labor

Mason, Priscilla

Salutory Oration

Matters, Muriel

BBC Speech

Matthews, Victoria Earle

Afro-American Women 
My House is On Fire
Awakening of the Afro-American Woman
The Value of Race Literature
Dangers Confronting Southern Girls

Matuz, Dulce

The Dreamer Movement

Maxeke, Charlotte Manye

The Native Christian Mother
Our Work in South Africa
Bantu Women and Girls

May, Elaine

Tribute to Mike Nichols

May, Theresa

First Speech as PM

Mead, Margaret

PSA for Earth Day
The First Earth Day
What Kind of World? 
To Be A Full Human Being
American Marriage Mores
The Generation Gap
Coming of Age in America
Sexual Freedom, Cultural Change

Mei-ling, Soong

Democracy v. Ochlocracy
At San Francisco
Victory Without Hate
At Wellesley College
At the Hollywood Bowl
At Chicago Stadium
Japan is the First US Foe

Meir, Golda

On Peace
In the Midst of Battle

Meitner, Lise

Radioactivity for Cosmic Processes

Melba, Nellie

What Are We Singers?
Farewell to Covent Garden

Menapace, Lidia

Partisan of Culture

Menchú, Rigoberta

Guatemalan Mosaic
Nobel Prize Lecture

Mendoza-Guazón, Maria

The Handicap of National Dependence

Mercouri, Melina

Elgin Marbles

Merkel, Angela

Speech to US Congress
At Harvard
Falling Walls Conference

Meyer, Johanne

Political and Municipal Suffrage

Michel, Louise

If You Are Not Cowards, Kill Me!
Defense 1883

Michelman, Kate

Partial-Birth Abortion

Michelson, Clarina

Defending the Scottsboro Boys

Midler, Bette

Tribute to Laura Nyro
1974 Tony
2017 Tony

Milholland, Inez

Appeal to Women Voters of the West
If We Women Stand Together

Mink, Patsy Takemoto

Carswell Testimony

Minor, Virginia

Statement to Senate
Missouri Convention

Mirzakhani, Maryam

Dynamics Moduli Spaces of Curves

Mitchell, Louise

First Women’s Strike

Mitchell, Maria

Higher Education of Women
Need of Women in Science
The Planet Saturn

Molesworth, Helen

The Crit

Møller, Katti Anker

Liberation of Motherhood
Women’s Birth Policy

Monroe, Sarah

Tailoress Strike

Montefiore, Dora

World Revolution

Montessori, Maria

New Conception of Education
San Lorenzo 1907
Rights of Children
My System of Education

Montseny, Federica

Militant Anarchism
Olympia Meeting
Anarchist Spain
Or They Kill Us

Moore, Gwen

To Not Have Planned Parenthood

Moreno, Luisa

California CIO

Morgan, Anne

Rebuilding France

Morgan, Joanna

Asteroid Impact

Morgan, Robin

Lesbianism and Feminism

Morrison, Toni

We Do Language
Eulogy for James Baldwin
Wellesley Commencement

Mosby, Marilyn

Freddie Gray Charges

Mosher, Clelia Duel

Health and the Woman Movement

Mother Teresa

Find the Poor Here
Whatsoever You Do

Motley, Constance Baker

Effects of Plessy v. Ferguson

Mott, Lucretia

Mind and Powers of Woman
Anti-Sabbath Convention
Not Christianity, But Priestcraft
Discourse on Woman
On a Par With Men

Mottley, Mia

All Aboard For Love of Country

Mozzoni, Anna Maria

Woman in the Family, Town, State

Muhammed, Ibtihaj

Duke Class Day

Mukai, Chiaki

JAXA Program

Müller, Herta

Solitude of a Human Being

Munro, Alice

In Her Own Words

Murabit, Alaa

What Islam Says About Women

Murad, Nadia

Genocide Took Place

Murekatete, Jacqueline

Rwandan Genocide

Murie, Margaret

Saving the Arctic

Murray, Patty

Katrina and Education

Murray, Pauli

Grace Under Pressure
The Quest for Equality

Mvubelo, Lucy

My Plea

Myerson, Bess

You Can’t Be Beautiful
Get Out of the War Business

Myrdal, Alva

Nobel Prize

Roland, Manon

The Welfare of Mankind

Roman, Nancy Grace

Women Scientists in Space Program

Roosevelt, Eleanor

St. Louis 1951
Preservation of Human Freedom
Declaration of Human Rights
On Civil Liberties to the ACLU
Support of the UN by American Women
DNC 1940
Pearl Harbor Attack
New Government Interest in the Arts

Rorer, Sarah Tyson

Food Values
The New Man

Rose, Barbara

EAT for Social Change

Rose, Ernestine

But What is Marriage?
Let Women Have the Franchise
A Defence of Athiesm
The Utter Extinction of Slavery
West Indian Emancipation
Double Standard of Sexual Morality
On Women’s Rights
Why Hold These Conventions?
Humanity Recognizes No Sex

Rosen, Christine

Changing Role of the Bible

Ross, Nellie Tayloe

Documentary 1:43—2:00

Rossiter, Margaret W. 

Women Scientists in America

Roth, Claudia

Prix Egalité 1995

Rousey, Ronda

Stay Strong Natalya Neidhart

Rousseff, Dilma

Brazil Impeachment Trial
Gender Equality

Roussel, Nelly

Free Thought
The Search for Paternity
War on Today’s Society
We Freed Women
Women’s Suffrage

Rowling, J. K.

Harvard 2008

Roy, Aruna

Right to Information 

Royden, Maude

Thanksgiving & Consecration

Rubin, Vera

I Study the Universe

Ruckelshaus, Jill

Everything You Have

Rudd, Maria Deforest 

To the Female Society 

Ruff-O’Herne, Jan

I Fought Each One

Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre

Too Long Have We Been Silent

Rüling, Anna

Homosexuality & Women’s Movement

Rye, Angela

Work Woke

Saar, Betye

A Slave Ship

Sabin, Florence

Growth of the Lymphatic System

Sabin, Pauline Morton

On Prohibition

Sachs, Nelly

Nobel Prize

Salah, Alaa

Sudanese Women’s Rights

Salbi, Zainab

Women, Islam & the Middle East

Sampson, Edith S.

Choose One of Five

Sandberg, Sheryl

Lean In

Sanders, Sarah Huckabee

Leaving the White House

Sandler, Bernice Resnick

Title IX

Sandu, Maia


Sanford, Maria

Apostrophe to the Flag

Sanger, Margaret

Woman and the Future
Comstock Laws
Overpopulation and War
Gagged for Free Speech
For Birth Control
Hannah Mayer Stone
When Children are Wanted
Morality of Birth Control
Moral Necessity For Birth Control
The Children’s Era
Medical Meeting

Sara, Martha

Do Not Refuse Us

Sarkeesian, Anita

What I Couldn’t Say

Saville, Jenny

Through a Microscope

Sawyer, Diane

Tribute to Nancy Reagan

Sawyer, Winona Branch

Legal Profession for Women

Sayers, Dorothy L.

Lost Tools of Learning

Scarlett, Mary J.

Physiology Lecture

Schepps, Mollie

We Demand a Voice

Schirmacher, Käthe

Women’s Marriage Prospects

Schlaffer, Edit

Women Without Borders

Schlafly, Phyllis

What We Want
What’s Wrong With Equal Rights

Schneiderman, Rose

Conditions Women Work
Working Sisters
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Bread and Roses

Schofield, Martha

To Do With Their Own Hands

Scholtz-Klink, Gertrud

To Be German is to Be Strong
Duties and Paths

Schreiner, Olive

Against WWI
Against Annexation
To John Stuart Mill

Schroeder, Pat

On Shirley Chisholm

Schwerner, Rita L.

Death of Her Husband
Thoughts for the People

Schwimmer, Rózsika

Defend the Human Race

Scott-Brown, Denise

Encounters With the Palimpsest

Scott, Lucy Parkman

Do a Woman’s Work

Scott, Melinda

Cornelia’s Jewels

Scott, Rose

Simple Justice for the Women of NSW
Ivy of Friendship

Scovell, Bessie Laythe

Minnesota WCTU

Scudder, Vida

The Woolen Industry

Seacole, Mary

With Respect to My Complexion

Seaman, Barbara

Four Demands

Sebelius, Kathleen

ACA and American Women

Severance, Caroline

Principles of the Movement

Sewall, May Wright

To Become Citizens
Organization Among Women
Woman’s Work in Education
Int’l Council of Women

Sewell, Terri

Introducing John Lewis

Sha’arawi, Huda

The Arab Woman

Shabazz, Betty

On Malcolm X

Shaffir, Stav

What is a Zionist?

Shalala, Donna

Underlying Socioeconomic Factors

Shange, Ntozake

On Mental Health

Sharapova, Maria

Life of a Tennis Player

Shaw, Anna Howard

Eulogy for Susan B. Anthony
The Record of Woman Suffrage
Susan B. Anthony
The Heavenly Vision
Directed by the Spirit of God
Fundamental Principles of a Republic
This is the American Flag
What is Marriage? 
Susan B. Anthony Amendment
Hysterical and Emotional
Something Worthy
Suffrage for Women
Fate of Republics

Sheehy, Gail

Dare to Care

Sheehy-Skeffington, Hanna

British Militarism

Sheindlin, Judy

The Right Thing Happens

Sheldon, Mary

Our Duty to the Oppressed

Sheldon, May French

An African Expedition

Sheppard, Kate

Take the Matter Up

Shiina, Chieko

Fukushima Disaster

Shinawatra, Yingluck

ITU Connect Asia-Pacific

Shiva, Vandana

Respect for the Earth
Bread and Freedom

Shore, Arabella

What Women Have a Right To

Shriver, Eunice Kennedy

A Message of Hope

Shriver, Lionel

Fiction and Identity Politics

Shrupp, Eliza

Valedictory Oration

Siebert, Muriel

A Woman on Wall Street

Sigurðtóttir, Jóhanna

World Pride

Silko, Leslie Marmon

Power of the Earth

Silver, Clara

We Working Women

Sima, Queen

Supremacy of the Law

Simmons, Ruth

Erasing Racism

Simone, Nina

At Moorehouse College

Simpson, Lorna

Themes of My Work

Simpson, Mona

Eulogy for Steve Jobs

Siong, Chan Choy

Women’s Charter Bill
Re-introduction of the Bill

Sirleaf, Ellen Johnson

A Voice for Freedom
The Size of Your Dreams
We Have a Story to Tell
Post-Conflict Success Story

Sister Nivedita

Why I Adopted Hinduism

Sisulu, Albertina

First Anniversary of UDF

Sivac, Nusreta

In Omarska

Skard, Torild

Anna Rogstad

Skocpol, Theda

Why Social Insurance?

Slaughter, Anne-Marie

What Real Equality Looks Like

Sloan-Hunter, Margaret

Real Manhood

Small Mary J. 

Zion’s Mission Work

Smeal, Eleanor 

Violence Against Women Act

Smith, Freda

Tell it Like it Is

Smith, Janue Quick-to-See

Women in Art

Smith, Kate

The Value of Tolerance

Smith, Katie


Smith, Kiki

I Like That You Like to Play

Smith, Lucy 

Rape During Memphis Riots

Smith, Lucy Wilmot 

The Future Colored Girl

Smith, Margaret Chase

Presidential Nomination
Declaration of Conscience

Smith, Moranda 

To the C.I.O Convention
Congressional Testimony

Smith, Patti 

We are All Pinocchio

Smith, Patti Grace

Passarola Rising

Smith, Sara T

Loosening the Bonds of Prejudice

Smith, Zadie

The Few and the Many
Your Fellow Humans

Solomon, Hannah

Record Made by Jewish Women
True Jewish Womanhood

Somerville, Mary 

Magnetizing Power of Solar Rays

Sommers, Christina Hoff

Grievance Feminism

Sontag, Susan

Be Bold! Be Bold! Be Bold!

Sorabji, Lena

Education for Women in India

Sotomayor, Sonia

Racial Bias
A Latina Judge’s Voice

Sotoudah, Nasrin

The Big Prison

Soueif, Ahdaf


Souljah, Sister

We Are at War

Spark, Muriel

Desegregation of Art

Speier, Jackie

Abortion & Family Planning

Spelman, Celestia

Paddle My Own Canoe

Spence, Catherine Helen

Effective Voting

Spencer, Anna Garlin

Erring and Criminal Classes
The Fitness of Women

Spewack, Bella

After the Final Curtain

Sprinkle, Annie

On Pornography

Stanford, Jane Lathrop

Stanford Board of Trustees

Stanley, Sara G.

Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Society

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

American Anti-Slavery Society
Woman’s Loyal National League
The Nation Shall Be Redeemed
If Marriage is a Human Institution
Educated Suffrage
The Destructive Male
Appeal to NY Legislature
Our Girls
On Women’s Rights
Solitude of Self
Like the Children of Israel
Case for Universal Suffrage
Worship of God in Man
Temperance & Women’s Rights
To Senate Committee
A Slave’s Appeal
Plea for Equal Rights
Declaration of Sentiments
Marriage and Divorce
Woman’s Imperative Duty
Ethics of Suffrage
Third Decade Speech
Kansas Campaign
Seneca Falls 
Tribute to Frederick Douglass

Stanton, Lucy

Plea for the Oppressed

Stéenhoff, Frida

Should Women Wait?

Stein, Gertrude

Lectures in America

Steinem, Gloria

Women’s March 2017
Uses of a Long Life
Scholars, Witches
Presidential Medal
On the ERA
Women’s Liberation Rally
What Do Women Expect
To the Women of America

Stetson, Augusta E

On Christian Science

Stevens, Doris

Equal Rights Treaty
Defending Pickets

Stevenson, Letitia

Origins of the DAR

Stewart-Cousins, Andrea

Eleanor Roosevelt

Stewart, Maria Miller

Despised Above All Nations
Why Sit Ye There and Die?
African Rights and Liberty
My Christian Warfare

Stewart, Martha

Culinary Institute of America

Stewart, Sarah A.

Int’l Kindergarten Union

Stoker, Charlotte M. B. 

Deaf and Dumb of Ireland

Stokes, Rose Pastor

World Safe for Capitalism
Travesty of Justice

Stone, Lucy

Woman Suffrage in NJ
Women’s Rights Convention
The Lot of Women
Fifteenth Amendment
Progress Report 1856
Nature and Revelation
Our Own Best Helpers
Progress of Fifty Years
Taxation Without Representation

Stopes, Marie

Constructive Birth Control

Stowe, Emily Jennings

Woman Movement

Streep, Meryl

You Don’t Have to Be Famous
Most Vilified

Street, Jessie

Back to the Kitchen?

Strickland, Donna

Physics is Fun

Strong, Anna Louise

Support the American Negro

Stubbe, JoAnne

Road Less Traveled

Sturgeon, Nicola

Scottish Independence

Summitt, Pat

You Win With People
To Give to This Game

Sunderland, Eliza

Serious Study of All Religions

Suu Kyi, Aung San

Oxford Speech
Rohingya Crisis
Free and Fair Elections
Nobel Peace Prize

Suzman, Helen

Dismantling Apartheid
National Party’s Race Policy

Swaraj, Sushma

UN General Assembly

Swinton, Tilda

Spirit of Derek Jarman

Szold, Henrietta

Arab-Jewish Relation
What Judaism Has Done for Women

Szymborska, Wisława

Nobel Prize

Weldon, Georgina

The Mad Doctors

Wells, Ida B.

Lynch Law in All Its Phases
To President McKinley
This Awful Slaughter
Lynching, Our National Crime
Southern Horrors
Requisites of True Leadership
Lynch Laws in America

Wessel, Ellisif

Untimely Loyalty

West, Rebecca

Goodness Doesn’t Just Happen

Westwood, Vivienne

Stop Irreversible Damage

Westheimer, Ruth

The Future of Sex

Wharton, Edith

Talk to Soldiers
America at War

Wheeler, Anna Doyle

Rights of Women

White, Betty

Roasting William Shatner

Widdecomb, Anne

Fox Hunting

Wilbour, Charlotte Beebe

Egyptian Women

Wilhelmina, Queen

Radio Oranje
WWI Broadcast
Ancient Partnership Revived

Willard, Emma Hart

Improving Female Education
Female Seminary in Greece

Willard, Frances

At Exeter Hall
Everybody’s War
Home Protection
Work Done for Humanity
A White Life for Two
Pleading for Prohibition
The Do-Everything Policy
Dawn of Women’s Day
Temperance & Home Protection 
In a Sacred Cause
Garments of Power
The Colored People
Why I Am A Socialist

Willebrandt, Mable Walker

The Problem of Enforcement
Club Women and Law Enforcement
Herbert Hoover and Prohibition

Williams, Betty

On Peace in Ireland

Williams, Fannie Barrier

Eulogy for Susan B. Anthony
Employment for Negro Women
     Southern Workman
Progress of Colored Women
Religious Duty to the Negro
Tribute to Celia Parker Woolley

Williams, Sunita

Lessons From Astronauts

Williams, Jody

Banning Landmines

Williams, Patricia J. 

Anatomy of Short Lives

Williams, Serena

A Ball, A Racket, and a Hope
I’ve Had People Overlook Me

Williams, Terry Tempest

Open Space of Democracy

Williams, Venus

Your Win Has Always Been My Win

Wilson, Charlotte M.

Aims of Anarchists