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Crush the Upholder! Kill Slavery!

March 25, 1863 — Touro Hall, Hartford CT, and across the state for the next 11 days


[Whatever the west might do, however much the middle states disgrace themselves,] you will still find New England true to herself. This same New England will grind you to powder!

The head of the people of the 19th century requires the reason for war. The heart of the people of the 19th century questions for the cause of civil war . . . with the mighty engine of war blocking the pathway of civilization.

The people of the U.S., with their Constitution — safeguard of liberty — they demand an answer! And what answer shall be given unto them? Slavery! Slavery! Proven, we think to be so, beyond cavil or doubt or question.  

If then slavery is the cause — the originator, the upholder of the rebellion — sweep aside the cause. Strike down the originator! Crush the upholder. Kill slavery!