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Speaking While Female

We want this site to promote awareness and discussion about women’s public voice. Do you want to comment on the speeches we’ve selected? Are there historically important speeches you think we should include? Do you want to correct any errors in the speech texts or sources? Please get in touch:



I’m a consultant and speaker committed to women’s speech, voice, and thought leadership. I created the Speaking While Female Speech Bank to set the record straight on who actually spoke in history (hint: not just men), and because representation matters. 

My consultancy is SPEECH STUDIO. I help organizations develop their diverse talent and underrepresented voices to become recognized experts, brand ambassadors, rainmakers, and role models for others coming up the pipeline. The best companies know that to attract, retain and promote diverse leadership, they must support and showcase the ideas and insights of their talent. I’ve worked with professionals at all career levels in the corporate, public, and non-profit sectors, and I’ve written speeches for high-profile leaders in corporate and public life.

I’m a judge for the annual Cicero Speechwriting Awards, which recognizes outstanding contemporary speeches and speechwriters from around the world.

I was an award-winning journalist for Texas Monthly, Readers Digest, Institutional Investor, The Independent on Sunday, and other publications. 

I have degrees from Yale and the University of Texas. In 2004 I founded the Leadership Communications Roundtable to support speakers, speechwriters and other speech mavens and pros. I’ve taught public speaking to all sorts of people, including students in the New York City public school system. On weekends I judge high school debate tournaments, because I want young people to learn how to engage passionately with diverse views, make evidence-based arguments, and disagree with respect and civility.

Watch my C-SPAN interview about the incredible, hidden history of women’s speech!



I am a Master’s student in Information and Library Science. I completed a Master of Arts in Literature, Language, and Theory from Hunter College in New York City. 

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