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Failure is Impossible

February 15, 1906 — 38th Annual Convention, National American Woman Suffrage Association, Baltimore MD


This is a magnificent sight before me, and these have been wonderful addresses and speeches I have listened to during the past week. Yet I have looked on so many such audiences and in my lifetime I have wisened to many such speakers, all testifying to the righteousness, the justice and the worthiness of the cause of woman suffrage. I never saw that great woman, Mary Wollstonecraft, but I l have read her eloquent and unanswerable arguments in behalf of the liberty of womankind. I have met and known most of the progressive women who came after her — Lucretia Mott, the Grimké sisters, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone — a long galaxy of great women. I have heard them speak, saying in only slightly different phrases exactly what I heard these newer advocates of the cause say at these meetings. Those older women have gone on and most of those who work with me in the early years have gone. I am here for a little time only and then my place will be filled as theirs was filled. The fight must not cease; you must see that it does not stop. 

There have been others also just as true and devoted to the cause — I wish I could name every one — but with such women consecrating their lives, failure is impossible!



Source: The New York Evening Post


Also: The History of Woman’s Suffrage, Vol. 5, ed. Ida Husted Harper (National American Woman Suffrage Association), 1922, p. 192.