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Called by the Spirit

October 1877 — Fourth National Convention Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Chicago IL


. . . We have been called by the Spirit of the Lord to lead the women of the world in a great and difficult reform movement, and thousands in our own, and other lands, are looking to us with hope and expectation. The drink system is the common enemy of women the world over, and the plans we inaugurate, will be eagerly sought after by the women of all civilized nations, and as the success of all moral reforms depends largely upon women, the world will halt, or move in its onward march towards millennial glory, as we halt, or march. Every consideration that could move a true patriotic soul conspires to stimulate us for the work. As we prize our loved ones; our homes, our American institutions, our Sabbaths; our Church altars; as we love our country and our God, let us be true in this time our grandest opportunity. In view then, of the great responsibilities that rest upon us, let us be thoughtful and prayerful, and during the hours we are together here, walk softly before the Lord, that we may catch the whisper of his spirit, and be guided in our works. I trust that the atmosphere of this meeting will be prayer. This Society was born of prayer, and must be nurtured and sustained by prayer.



Source: Minutes of the Fourth Annual Convention of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Held in Chicago, Ill, October 24, 25, 26, and 27, 1877 (Chicago: Woman’s Temperance Publishing Association) 1889, p. 136.