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Protest Votes

October 1916 — Luncheon, Silver Bow Club, Butte MT


While women are content to join organizations which are mere auxiliaries to political parties composed only of men, so long will the women do all the work and get none of the benefits.
Our party occupies a unique place in the political world. We are appealing to those women who have obtained the suffrage and are asking them to hold their votes as a whip over all parties. People tell us we are making a mistake by antagonizing one of the large parties because this party may possibly be returned to power. Those who say that do not know politics.
Today the force of combination and union for the advancement of any cause is the only one recognized by the dominant political parties. They are not leaders and creators of new ideas, they calculate the strength of social and political forces and act from the viewpoint of political expediency.
We are fighting for a principle and shall continue to cast our protest votes against the party which is in a position to pass the Susan B. Anthony amendment, granting equal suffrage to all, and refuses to do so, whether that party be the Republicans or the Democrats.



Source: Butte Daily Post


Also: The Suffragist, October 28, 1916,  p. 4.