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Hindustani Independence

August 21, 1907 — International Socialist Conference, Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany


The continuance of British rule in Hindustan is excessively harmful and extremely dangerous for the true benefits of Hindi people. As per any ideal socialistic arrangement there should never be dictatorship or cruel government on any people. Hence all the avengers of democracy from across the world should assist in liberating the people who are staying in this exploited country and are one fifth of the total human population.

[After proposing the resolution she unfurled the tricolour Hindustani flag which she had brought in her blouse.]

This is the Flag of Independent Hindustan. Look, look it is now born. I appeal to all gentlemen to stand and salute the Flag. I appeal to lovers of freedom all over the world to cooperate with this flag.

Hail Bande Mattaram! Hail Bande Mataram!



Source: Vorwärts: Central Organ der Sozialdemokratie Deutschlands, 1907.