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Speech at a Boxing Bout

October 27, 1911 — Prize Fight for Woman’s Suffrage, Long Acre Athletic Club, New York City


Mrs. [Sarah] Ruhlin tried to join a Brooklyn suffrage club, but she couldn’t find one to suit her. They were all too slow. So she just started her own, the Women’s Progressive Political League.

You men won’t come to hear suffrage speeches, so we come here to make you. If you think this is not a nice place, it is your fault, because it is the kind of a place you have made.

We thank you all for coming here. To show your appreciation of Mrs. Ruhlin, won’t you give three cheers for her, and make the house come down?



Source: The New York Times, October 28, 1911, p. 13.


Also: San Francisco Examiner, October 28, 1911.