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Restrain the Hand
of the Interventionists

July 30, 1936 — Radio broadcast, Spain


I would like the whole world to know about the criminal campaign waged by the fascist military traitors in trying to induce foreign powers to intervene in the internal affairs of Spain.

The fascists are attributing all the horrors and crimes they have committed to the forces of the People’s Front. The purpose of these tactics is to discredit the Spanish government and the Spanish People’s Front in the eyes of the world.

We can cope with this insurrection ourselves. We shall decide internal conflicts ourselves without outside interference The whole Spanish people recognizes the necessity of smashing the fascist monarchist reactionaries.

Spain is a democratic republic. The monarchists and fascists want to smash this democratic republic, and that is why the lawful government of the Republic enjoys the support of socialists, communists and anarchists.



Source: La Pasionaria: Speeches and Articles (London: Foreign Languages Publishing House) 1938, pp. 11-13.