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On the Meeker Massacre

March 19, 1880 — US House of Representatives, Committee on Indian Affairs, Washington DC


Question. How far from the agency where Mr. Meeker was agent were  you at the time the massacre took place?

Answer:  I do not know the exact time when the massacre occurred, not know where I was.

Q. State all you know about that difficulty between the Utes and the whites, the battle and the massacre.

A. I know nothing about it.

Q. Were you at home when the Meeker women came there, If so, who brought them there, and what was their condition when they arrived?

A. I was at my house when they came there; General Adams came with them.

Q.  What condition were they in when they came, and what representations did they make at that time about the massacre?

A . They seemed to be all right, but did not talk with me.

Q. What reasons did the Indians give for committing this massacre at the agency?

A . I do not know what reason they give.

Q. Did they say that Mr. Meeker was a bad man?

A . I heard some of them say that he was a bad man.

Q. In what respect did they say he was bad?

A . They said he was a bad man, that he talked bad.

Q. Did they say that be did anything bad?

A . Some of them claimed that he was always writing to Washington and giving his side of the case, and all the troubles at the agency. ·

Q. Is that what they killed him for?

A . I do not know whether that is what they killed him for, or what thy did it for. I know nothing personally about it except what I have heard talked among the women.

Q. Tell us what you beard on that subject — all you heard?

A . I have already stated about all I heard.



Source: Testimony in Relation to Ute Outbreak, 46th Congress, 2nd Session, House Miscellaneous Documents no. 38, 1880, p. 191.