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The Jarrow March

November 4, 1936 — House of Commons, UK Parliament, London, UK


I beg to ask leave to present to this Honourable House the Petition of the people of Jarrow praying for assistance in the resuscitation of its industry. During the last fifteen years Jarrow has passed through a period of industrial depression without parallel in the town’s history. Its shipyard is closed. Its steelworks have been denied the right to reopen. Where formerly 8,000 people, many of them skilled workers, were employed, only one hundred men are now employed on a temporary scheme. The town cannot be left derelict, and therefore your Petitioners humbly pray that His Majesty’s Government and this honourable House should realise the urgent need that work should be provided for the town without further delay.



Source: Hansard, House of Commons Debates, Vol. 317, c75