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Our Fighters Must Lack for Nothing

July 24, 1936 — Radio broadcast, Spain


Communists, all working people, the working population of Madrid and of all Spain.

Only a few minutes ago I returned from the firing line where I witnessed the unexampled courage of our comrades.

The heroic militia, storm guards, detachments of the civilian guard and soldiers are with unprecedented enthusiasm beating off the attacks of the fascist troops and inflicting heavy losses on them.

The spirit of the intrepid defenders of tile Republic is magnificent. They attack the enemy like lions although he is thoroughly supplied with munitions of war of every description.

But victory does not depend upon fighting spirit alone. The population of Madrid must help the troops, who consist of loyal regiments and gallant militia.

Although the organization of the supply of food, blankets, and so forth, is proceeding with enthusiasm, yet it is not enough, because every minute fresh thousands of heroic militia are arriving and leaving for the front. They must lack for nothing in the firing line! Their wives and children must be taken care of by all anti-fascists!

People of Madrid, this is your honourable duty to the courageous defenders of democracy and freedom! Organize ward committees everywhere for the purpose of giving needed assistance, not only to the courageous militia but to their families as well! Everybody must help them!

Let this be the decisive day!

The cowardly enemy is retreating before I lie irresistible onslaught of our devoted comrades who are saerificiiig their lives without hesitation.

All into the struggle!

In defence of democracy, the Republic and the courageous soldiers of the Republic! In defence of justice and national freedom!



Source: Pasionaria: Speeches & Articles: 1936-1938 (London: Modern Languages Publishing House), 1938, pp. 9-10.