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I Shall Preach Peace

February 26, 1891 — The Peace Union, Church of Our Father, Washington DC


It has been said that the Indians cannot be civilized. Miss Anthony says that I look so civilized that she hardly knows me any more. While I am an Indian, I do not come at all as though I want to fight; but I want peace, and had I been listened to, perhaps you would not have had a battle. I wrote to the President of the United States and asked him to send me and my sisters to interview Sitting Bull, and I could make peace. He replied: “Your letter was referred to the Secretary of the Interior.” I knew by that, that my plea was of no avail. I have read the papers ever since the Ghost Dances. I wonder why the Government should interfere with the Indian’s religion? Such interference has brought us many things to our hurt. As long as I have a tongue to speak, I shall preach peace. I feel sorry for your people who are slaughtered, as well as mine. Indians are in all respects just like you, except they lack development.



Source: The Peacemaker, Vol. 9, No. 10, April 1891, p. 197.