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The Responsibility of Sex

December 26, 1875 — New-York Liberal Association, New York City


. . . the wonder of the law (of genus) grows upon us as we contemplate its say over man. Behold the first man and woman, away back in their Eden home, and made a little lower than the angels, glorious prototypes and patterns of the race! The powers of evil assail them; tempted, they sin and fall. A curse descends on him and her. From this accursed pain the generic life-stream of the race sets forth. The passions, frenzy of love and lust, anger and malice, hate and revenge mingle in the fountain source their hot and curdling tides. From century to century it gleams in the flash of the poniard, the torturing blaze of the fagots, the lurid glare of sacrificial altars, and the fiery breath of war, in want and vice, crime and pestilence, and diseases of loathsome and consuming taint. In spite of all this, however, the genus has never been disturbed. Each successive generation has been made to transmit the race-mold unbroken and inviolate.



Source: The New York Times, Dec. 27, 1875, p. 2.