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We Meet the Monster Prejudice Every Where

May 3, 1839 — Third National Women’s Anti-Slavery Convention, Philadelphia Riding School, Philadelphia PA


We meet the monster prejudice every where. We have not power to contend with it, we are so down-trodden. We cannot elevate ourselves. You must aid us. We have been brought up in ignorance; our parents were ignorant, they could not teach us. We want light; we ask it, and it is denied us. Why are we thus treated? Prejudice is the cause. It kills its thousands every day; it follows us every where, even to the grave; but, blessed be God! it stops there. You must pray it down. Faith and prayer will do wonders in the anti-slavery cause. Place yourselves, dear friends, in our stead. We are blamed for not filling useful places in society; but give us light, give us learning, and see then what places we can occupy. Go on, I entreat you. A brighter day is dawning. I bless God that the young are interested in this cause. It is worth coming all the way from Massachusetts, to see what I have seen here.



Source: Proceedings of the Third Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women, Held in Philadelphia, May 1,2, 3, 1839 (Philadelphia: Merrihew and Thompson, 1839), pp. 8-9.


Also: Black Abolitionists by Benjamin Quarles (New York: Oxford), 1969, pp. 28-29.