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Our Work in Theresienstadt

c.1944 — Sermon, Theresienstadt concentration camp, German-occupied Czechoslovakia


Our Jewish people was planted by God into history as a blessed nation. “Blessed by God” means to offer blessings, lovingkindness and loyalty, regardless of place and situation. Humility before God, selfless love for His creatures, sustain the world. It is Israel’s task to build these pillars of the world — man and woman, woman and man alike have taken this upon themselves in Jewish loyalty. Our work in Theresienstadt, serious and full of trials as it is, also serves this end: to be God’s servants and as such to move from earthly spheres to eternal ones. May all our work be a blessing for Israel’s future and the future of humanity). . . 

Upright “Jewish men” and “brave, noble women” were always the sustainers of our people. May we be found worthy by God to be numbered in the circle of these women and men . . . 

The reward of a mitzvah is the recognition of the great deed by God.



Source: “Lectures by the only female rabbi Regina Jonas,” Terezín archives, Czech Republic.