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Our Work in Theresienstadt

October 12, 1944 — Sermon, Theresienstadt concentration camp, Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia


We are Jews, a people created by God for a historical mission and blessed by him. To be blessed by God means that no matter where we go, we must always spread goodness, blessing, and perseverance in all of life’s situations. It is humility towards God and unselfish, dedicated love toward all his creations which upholds the world.

It is and always has been Israel’s task to sustain these pillars of the world — all Jewish men and women, women and men equally, share in the responsibility to continue this service with perseverance.

The testimony of our service to God is the great trial of our work in Thereisenstadt, and when we pass from our life into eternity, may our work bring blessings upon Israel and all of humanity. Honest Jewish men and unselfish brave women were always the preservers of our people.

Moral acknowledgment is a reward from God and his thanks for these mitzvahs, good deeds, and noble actions if he finds us worthy of joining this circle of women and men.



Source: “Lecture by the Only Female Rabbi Regina Jonas,” Terezín archives, Czech Republic.