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Introducing Martin Luther King, Jr. 

May 26th, 1963 — Freedom Rally, Wrigley Field, Los Angeles CA


There have been so many wonderful speakers here this afternoon, that I feel just a little bit inadequate in making my little speech. I must say I have never spoken for such a worthy cause before such a large audience. I am not a speaker, but I have to say what I have worked on — that I must say.

And do remember, it was a long time ago and, really, it wasn’t really long ago, that it was considered dangerous for the people in show business to endorse anything more controversial than to things. I don’t know how dangerous it is today, but I do know that more and more of us are glad for the opportunity to stand up and be countable. We as actors and actresses should take part in the most important drama that this country has seen.

And again, the name of the drama is freedom. A drama that every American should take part in, and one of our leading men is Reverend Martin Luther King  . . . 

I have a wonderful contribution here, that is from the county of Los Angeles. It’s the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles officially welcomes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a distinguished American, whose brilliant leadership in the field of human rights, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the United States of America, is recognized with honor in every city, every county and every state in the union.